Beyond Child Bearing

Beyond Child Bearing

The girl child has been regarded as minority in many societies for a very long time. This has been tackled to a considerable extent but the female gender is still looked upon as insignificant by many.

In some parts of Africa, or let’s bring it closer, Nigeria, education of the girl child is seen as a waste of resources. It is thought that after educating the girl and spending so much, she’ll end up in a man’s house bearing children. This notion has led to a wide range of uneducated girls and has severed their self esteem.

Some girls are even married off at very tender ages where they can’t speak for themselves and whatever dreams or aspirations they have, becomes shattered. They become reduced to the goal of being a good wife and bearing children.

A good example is what happens in Northern Nigeria. At thirteen years or even less, some girls are betrothed to men twice their age or older. Some of them are exposed to sex prematurely and eventually get sick with Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) as well as other serious health problems because of their physical immaturity.

The girl child is built for more than being limited to the “other room”, being just a cook, a washing or child bearing machine.

The girl child, when allowed to thrive in an atmosphere of true love, genuine care and proper guidance is an asset to her world and not a liability. She improves and multiplies everything she touches, she ensures the future of her seed is secured.

Beyond child bearing, the girl child is a multiplier, an epitome of wisdom, she protects and preserves and unquestionably she is the spice of life.

Guest post by:

Victoria Obochi.

You can connect with her through the following links below.

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