Woman-the most abused on earth

Woman-the most abused on earth


One faithful evening, when we have finish eating our dinner, we were playing all around the house as when the sound of his car came up, and at that moment everybody welcome the panic that came with the bustling of the care, then silent takes over the house for a swift moment, then the resuming sound was the rush sound of us looking for a perfect hiding position, which mine was always under the bed.

As we lay they quietly in our different hiding position, one thing kept rolling in my mind, and that was how long will today’s fight be “where is that stupid woman” his voice interrupted my thought, at that moment I realize that today definitely is not going to be that one special day I always pray for, where he will come back and we will all run out to embrace him, and say daddy welcome, but so sad I even hate the sound of that name (daddy) in my head. But I realize that they are some certain gift you can’t deny so I only have to wait for this particular gift to wear and tear, and finally get ready to be trashed.

It was at that point in my thought, that I head this familiar conversation interrupt my thought once again, “where is this stupid woman who cannot cook good food? Where is my share of your poison? And these very words always pin my soul to the very earth, I hate it, because my mummy’s food has always been great but he can never just appreciate anything from her when he is under that satanic influence from alcohol.


It wasn’t long when the slapping and the punching began, then comes the fight of the two giant in the house, thanks to God that mum was once a wrestler, so she will always be ready to block those punches from his wicked fist, but can’t you punch him back? I will always ask mum anytime I have the time I have the opportunity, but her reply always grows goose bombs all over my body, you want to hear it right?

“He is my husband and the head of the family, and I love him” and then comes the worst line in her sermon “he is your father and you should respect him” my worst line ever, because honestly speaking I have dis-father him in my heart, I couldn’t stand the sight of him, I hate anybody who treat my mom badly, she is one woman in the world I can’t joke with.

She was pure in heart, nothing ever touches her, filed with love for even the ones who hurt her like the man she called my father, and back to that very night, the fighting started and lasted for a long time, and at this point we are always free to step out from our hiding spot and becomes spectators on the current wrestling tournament. But something shocking happen this very night, as he brought out a dagger from his cloth and he tried to stab my mum with it, but thanks God for giving him a stronger wife, it was like magic, how my mum took away the dagger from his hand, threw it away, this was my best night on earth, I was death scared that I have lost my mum that night.

I always have tears roll down my cheeks every time I recall the advice she always give a day after each fight. She will say to me “Emmanuel, women are the queen of the earth, and should be treated like one, and any man who touches a woman is a very weak man, so do you want to be a weak man?” she will always ask. She will continue “anybody who love the world will not treat women badly, because they are queens on earth” I always love this lecture.

Possible effects

So I promise myself that I must be a better man than the person who call himself my father, ever since then I have been working against any hash behavior towards any girl child, or lady on the planet earth, and that’s why I started the voicewithreasons to help promote the right of women on earth.

So when I was checking some of my favourite blog I saw this great post about girl child abuse, and that stimulated me into saying my piece, that this act should be avoided, as it is blurring the bright future of our young girls.

So if you are a young man or woman out they who has experience any form of abuse, you can stand against any positive effects of such experience, by joining this tribe of people that show love and respect to the women folks through changing their mindset.

Just like the dreams of Martin Luther king jnr, I have a dream that one day, women will no longer be treated like a punch bag, I have a dream that one day women will no longer be treated like a kitchen material, like a beast of burden.
Let’s move this revolution, to protect the right of our girl child and even the unborn generation.

With love from @Voice_Umoh.

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