6 ways to create a memorable experience for your customers

6 ways to create a memorable experience for your customers

Customers are the key agent to any business, be it big or small which you can’t disagree. And I know that you might have been wondering how your small business will be able to compete with your already existing competitors. Well they are good news. And before we move into discussing this good news, we do well to keep in mind that, as a business man or woman, in a small or big business our personal efforts will go a long way in affecting our customers turn out. And you must not forget that, most often, it is the little details that always come back to the mind of our customers. So you must make sure that, as you put in more efforts to impress your customers, in terms of brand advertisement, you must not forget to impress them with your words of appreciations too.
A very good example of taking not of small details is a New York restaurateur. Danny Meyer is a master of detail, and his employees are trained to notice, and when appropriate act on, even the tiniest scraps of information they observe or discover about a guest. If you happen to mention when making a reservation that it’s a birthday dinner, the manager will make it a point to come to the table and extend Danny’s birthday wishes to the appropriate person. If a staff member overhears a conversation in which one of the guests mentions they either like or dislike something, within minutes, everyone who might come into contact with that guest knows about it. And they tailor your food accordingly, too.
So seat back and enjoy, as I feed you with the very best six ingredients you need to beat that competition.

1. Provide your customers with options to fit their wants:

Who doesn’t like an option? Giving your customers varieties of product to choose from is a good way to keep your customers coming back. A very good example can be seen in the variety of product you get at jumia.com and at amazon.com. You are motivated to always go back to that brand that ensures he makes available every possible thing you might need. And even when they don’t have it, they have a trusted channel to refer you to. So introducing a new product added to your business regularly can be a very big game changer for that new business of yours.



2. Refine your strategy:

They are no rules that stipulate a particular pattern or strategy that you must follow. So the thing is, study your competitor’s moves and strategies, which obviously would have been already common to the market (customers). Then work on refining your strategy and try to spice things up, look at new ways of presenting an already existing product in a way that rebuild the customers interest and longing to test what you have to offer. In refining your strategy too, you can also pay attention to the method of distribution and try to make it as fast as possible.

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3. Throw a party, or sponsor an event for your customers :

How cool would it be that those individual customers that have been buying from you or doing business with you, are invited to a party been hosted by you? That feeling of belong to a group that appreciate them comes up to mind, and the need to continue buying so as to record down their names as a loyal customer begins to creep into their mind. And by such means you have gotten a new source of referral, as those customers will likely discuss about the party to a person or two, who then becomes a potential customer.
That same scenario goes on when you decide to sponsor an event. When such events are being discussed, the curiosity to get to know more about this business that has taken the burden to sponsor this event. Believe me that can be a big game changer for your business position in the minds of your customers.

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4. Recognition:

No matter the type of industry you belong to, this is one element of this post you should not take for granted. Greeting your customer by name is a very meaningful and treasured detail that adds greatly to the way they experience doing business with you. Be it online or offline. Do you recall the way you feel anytime you open a mail and the first thing you read is like hello Mr. Emmanuel!! Or the relaxed mood you find yourself anytime you receive a call with a new number and the caller address you by your name? Well that’s the same way your customer’s feel, when you give them that sense of recognition. There is a saying that what you appreciate, appreciates. Which means if you show a sense of appreciation to your customers, they are likely reciprocating the gesture with increase patronage.

What do you do to show your customers, your clients or your patients that you appreciate them? After all, there are probably several other businesses that do what you do. Do you show the customers who choose to patronize you that you value and appreciate their business? You could invite special customers to a sale a day earlier than the general public or you could have an invitation-only event one evening and give “VIPs” an additional X percent discount.

You could gift-wrap their packages or periodically give them that thing they often buy for free. If you’re product is a service, offer a free check-up. Always be sure to let them know that you are extending this extra to them because they are a valued customer and you want to show them that you appreciate them. And one of the easiest and most overlooked ways to show them appreciation is to send a handwritten note on lovely stationary.

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There is nothing more flattering, there is nothing that makes someone feel more special than receiving a warm, friendly greeting by name when walking into a place of business.

5. Allow customers to test your product, and request for their feedback:

Feedbacks are one of the basic ingredients you need in order to satisfy your customers and keep them coming back. When your customers give a complain about your product, appreciate them for letting you know, and assure them that you will take immediate effect to effect the necessary change. Poor customer service can equal poor business performance. Therefore, getting the fundamentals correct, such as ensuring call quality is the best it can be, is of paramount importance.
And actually ensure you put into consideration such complain and examine the product to enable you make the upgrade that will make your customers to come back again.

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6. Attend trade show:

A trade show can be an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your product and interact with many experts. which can help you know what you need to fine tune in your niche in order to opt-up your game. And this can also be a good spot to meet and interact with potential customers and learn how you can best serve them.

Another important of attending such events the fact that you will get to know the current trend that is present, and will be able to notice certain resonate key phrase that attracts the interest of the customer. And when you begin to apply all this knowledge, you find yourself leading in your industry within the shortest period of time.


If you’re thinking of taking your business online, and you’re worried about how to get your product in front of the right audience, check out this other article, it will be helpful.

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