The hunter and the motivational experience

The hunter and the motivational experience

Once upon a time, there was a hunter who lived in a remote village somewhere in Africa. One day, as it was his won’t, he went on a hunting expedition, promising his family that he would come back with assorted game, so they could have a feast.

However, after stalking the forest for several days and several nights, they was no game in sight. He thought that perhaps, if he went farther into the forest, he would get lucky.

But the farther he went, the more tranquil the forest became, not a rumble or a stir. He did not even glimpse a rodent. He ran out of food and water. He soon began to starve. But lack of food did not worry him as much as lack of water. Yet, he kept pushing on deeper into the forest. Hunting for game was no longer his priority, he was desperately in need of water, and maybe food.

But he met with no luck. Soon the hunter began to hallucinate and he feared that he might die. Well, given the circumstances he found himself in, dying would not be a tragedy. However, if that was his fate, at least he should find a cave or somewhere a little concealed to lay his head and die, so that wild animals would not feast on his body.

As he stood, swaying on one spot, drunk with thirst and hunger, he suddenly saw a narrow path that he did not notice before. He thought perhaps he was still hallucinating. But he followed the path. Overhead tree branches formed heavy canopies that shut out the sky. He trudged on, still hoping to find a spot hidden enough to hold his body. He had not gone beyond a few metres when he came upon an open field that looked like the courtyard of somebody,s house.

When he manage to look up, lo and behold, what did he see? A signboard that said; food is ready. As if that was not exhilarating enough, underneath this advertisement was written; All you can eat for free, your ancestors have paid for your food;

With the last energy he could muster, he trudged towards the direction that the signboard pointed and he soon find himself in a big compound. Everyone he saw appeared busy, dedicated to the affairs of the stomach. Some where pounding yam, some were cooking the soup, some were fetching rice into a large pot, and some were busy skinning freshly killed game of different stripes.

As the famished hunter stood bewildered in the middle of all the frenetic activities of cooking and frying and cutting and pounding, he wondered what to make of the whole scene. Could it be that he had died and ended up in heaven? He was still trying to make sense of everything when he saw two ladies walk towards him with two crystal jugs of what looks like milk. In all his entire life, he had never beheld such and enchanting beauty.

One of them handed him the jug she was carrying. He frantically grabbed and downed its entire content in a jiffy. He collected the second one and drained it as well. He felt a new surge of energy and became even more aware of his environment. He had no doubt that this was the heaven he had heard so much about.

The two ladies led him to a room and sat him on a cushion, so soft, softer than any he had ever sat on. They asked what he would like to eat. Even in his excitement, he hard a major concern. He had no money. How would he pay for the food and the drinks? He could not be sure now that he actually saw what he thought he read on the signboard outside, that the food was free because his ancestors had paid. He had no idea that his ancestors ever wondered that way.

So, the signboard may be intended for a particular individual, rather than general guests. He summoned the courage to ask the ladies. Is it true, what I saw outside, that food is free because my ancestors had paid? They confirmed that it was true. He could eat and drink as much as he could for free, because his parents and parents parents had paid for everything.

All glory to his ancestors! He asked them to give him anything they had. They soon returned with a mountain of pounded yam, assorted game meat and chilled juices of different fruits held in sweating crystal jugs. The hunter pounced on the food and the meat. It was the most delicious meal he ever had. He are his fill. He drank the juices, the taste of which did not belong to this world.

When he finished, a new wave of tranquility swept over him and he did not know when he slept off. He could not recollect for how long he slept. But when he woke up, the two angelic ladies were still waiting on him.

The hunter thanked them profusely and informed them that he would like to be on his way. They asked if he enjoyed the food. He said he did and actually he wondered if he could take some with him for the road. They said he could take as much as he liked. Whereupon, he proceed to stuff his hunting bag with as much fried meat as it could carry. He also filled his water bottle with the juice. He thanked them once again, and set to be on his way. However, as he was about to exit the room, a voice, deep as it was omnipresent, flooded the room, jolting him back.

Gentleman, you have not paid;
What was this? He wondered. But I was told that I could have anything for free because my parents had paid.

The hunter and the motivational experience
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Yes, the voice answered. And you have done just that. But the reason you were able to enjoy the free meal that you just had was that someone else had paid. You too must pay, so that your children coming after you, would also enjoy a free meal, someday, like you just did.

Yes?? What are you waiting for? That’s the end my dear, so let’s dive into our personal life.

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  1. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily basis.
    It will always be helpful to read articles from other authors
    and practice something from other websites.

  2. This design is spectacular! You obviously know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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