Decision making- best practice for 2019

Decision making- best practice for 2019
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Decision making, has it been your problem? Have you ever had plans about what to do, but could not figure out the best way to do it? Do you sometimes think that is hard to make good choices, or you often find yourself often asking peoples opinion about what you should do?

Then you might be finding it hard to make your personal decisions that can lead your life to the best future destination. But I must tell you that there is a way out. Talking about the issue of asking for peoples opinion don’t get me wrong, is not a bad idea to find out what people think about your choice. But if you are asking for peoples opinion to make it your choice that is where we have a problem.

Most people try to avoid making decisions simply because they are afraid to fail, but the truth is the more you fail in life the more better equip you are to make better decisions.

Decision making

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Speaking from the experience of Thomas Edision the great inventor of the incandescent light bulb, who tried two thousands different materials in search of a filament for the light bulb. But when none worked satisfactorily, his assistant complained “All are work is in vain ” but what was Edison reply to his self-pitied partner? He said confidently “oh we have come a long way and have learned a lot. We know that there are two thousands filament that cannot be used to make a good light bulb.

Lets also consider the example of david meltzer the owner of who normally ask his workers every month, “who among you, made the worst mistake last month? Who among you did not give my customers the satisfaction they require? And any one who is honest enough to indicate himself, receives a $1000 from him. And when he was asked why he did that, his respond was ” mistake is the pathway to perfection. But if made twice, it means your a moron.

Decision making

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So what does this point out to you? Does it not tell you that we can learn from both our failures and our success?

If you think that you cannot get it right, that will becomes your believe, and this believe will determine what we choose which will influence what we are, and what we are attracts what we have.

So if you’re not happy with where your past decisions have taken you, then the place to start is your current thinking mindset, instead of allowing your past wrong decision to be a weapon, make it your arsenal of experience to learn from. And if you’re about to make any decision, just say NO!!! to fear of failing, even if you fail, wake up, clean the shit of yourself and try again even stronger, make failure work for you and stop walking for it.
Embedded in this post are eight keys to better decision making as was listed out in the book “you are what you decide by Sean Brandy.

Decision making

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  1. Commit resources commensurate with the weight of the decision.
  2. Know explicitly what you are trying to achieve.
  3. Consider all possible options.
  4. Conquer your fear to make a mistake, to fail or to take a risk.
  5. Know and question all your key assumptions.
  6. Be acutely aware of and root out cognitive bias and fallacies.
  7. When making important choices, be deliberate; decide how you will decide.
  8. Act decisively, monitor closely and learn continuously.

With practice, the eight keys will enable you better navigate life’s cascade of challenges and be better equip to make more life changing decisions starting from now. And don’t forget that every day your choices determine who you are, and who you are will attract what you have, which will influence your pattern of existence.

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Decision making

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